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First Press Release(formation):-

    Formation of  long awaited national body for promotion
of Wind Surfing was announced by Vice Admiral Khalid M Mir,
HI(M),s Bt, the President of Pakistan Yachting Federation and
has been named the Wind Surfing Association Of Pakistan
(WINDSAP)with its headquarters at PAF base,Korangi Creek,

    The WINDSAP would be the national body working under the
aegis of Pakistan Yacthing Federation for promotion of 
competitive and fun surfing. WINDSAP will promote the support
by keeping communication open ,solving problems to safety and
access,offering membership services to other clubs,mantaining
a national ranking list, sanctioning events and providing
necessary training and information on Windsurfing.

President Muhammad Rasheed Pervaiz
Senior Vice President Saeed A. Malik,TI(M)
Vice President Humayun Qureshi
Secretary Tahawar A. Durrani
Assistant Secretary Imran Aslam
Secy. Info. / Publicity Salman Dutta
Treasurer Nasir Hussain

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